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Preparing Your Home

Before you begin showing your home, there are several steps you should take to improve it's appearance and, hopefully the impression it makes on buyers. You certainly could hire a home stager, but here are some do-it-yourself tips that you can follow to prepare your own home.

It's time for a garage sale (or a storage unit)!

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to remove the clutter. Over time we all accumulate things and furniture that might be necessesary for your day-to-day living, but they probably make rooms appear cluttered which in turn makes them seems smaller than they are. Remove the extra chair, bookshelf, etc. in order to space things out so the room looks bigger.

If your home doesn't have a lot of storage so the closets are piled high, clean them out so it's not so obvious. Buyers also want to picture their things in your home, so if everything is full they might not think their belongings will fit. Show them that there is more than enough closet space.

That goes for kitchen counters too! Counter space is often a high priority for buyers, so clean yours off and move small appliances somewhere else. It will make the kitchen and counters both look bigger and more appealing.

Pack up your pictures!

When buyers are looking through your home, they really want to picture themselves and their family living there. WIth your family portraits and other personal items around, they will have more trouble doing this. So get a head start on the packing and put these items away for now.

Make it shine!

Once you've removed the clutter and personal items, the last step is to clean everything! Now is the time to wash the fingerprints off the walls or cabinets, have the carpet stains removed, clean the windows, deep clean the bathrooms, and touch up any chipped paint. Dirty houses give the impression that they are not well maintained, so it will have a negative effect on your selling price.

Are you a smoker, or do you have pets? These odors will be a turn-off to potential buyers. We recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned, and try to treat the odors before showing the home. 

Curb Appeal

Lastly, focus on the exterior of the home. Pay special attention to the landscaping and front entrance walkways. Remove any grass growing up in the sidewalks, trim the bushes, etc. so the property looks well maintained. Is the painted trim around the front door starting to peel? Now is the time to paint it! 

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