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Showing Your Home

Showing your home can seem intimidating, but it's actually a simple process, and you don't need to be a salesperson to show it well!  Besides, who knows your own home better than you?

Buyers and/or their agents will call you directly to schedule a time to see your home. By the time you have it listed you should have it in showing shape, which means it is clean, de-cluttered, and all those last minute projects are complete.

Prepare for the Showing

There are a few last minute things you should do before EVERY showing! Make the bed, vacuum the carpets, clean the floors, clean off the kitchen and bathroom counters, pick up the laundry from the floor, and make sure there are no strong odors. Turn on all the lights in the house so that it appears bright and inviting. That includes exterior lighting if it is dark outside! Air out the house if the weather permits.

Lastly, make sure you have your brochures printed and ready to hand to the buyer. You can print these from within your account once your listing is active. Feel free to include an additional sheet of information or any receipts for major work, if applicable.

Stay Home For Showings

We recommend that you remain home to open up for your potential buyers. Have an information sheet printed out to provide to the buyers, and include more than just the property information. This is your chance to tell them why your home is better than the competition. Did you put a new roof on last year? New hot water heater? Mention all those details that are not otherwise included on the listing.

Next, let them look around and answer any questions they might have. You don't need to give them a tour or follow them around, but do ask if they have questions, concerns, and what they think of the home. It is also important to get contact information for following up with them at a later date. Many times these questions are good conversation starters to help you build a rapport with the buyer, and get them to open up a bit more about what they liked.

We recommend that pets and children leave the home during showings, since they will be more of a distraction to the buyers and may cause them to rush through the home. A longer showing is a more memorable showing, and you want your home to stand out over the others that the buyer has seen.

Let Agents Handle Showings with an Electronic MLS Lockbox

As an alternative, you can rent an electronic lockbox so that another agent can let the buyers into your home. If you don't feel comfortable being there or have scheduling conflicts, this is another great option. Only licensed agents and brokers in your area have access to the lockboxes, and all access attempts are logged for security. Keep in mind, if you hire a full service agent, this is what they may be doing as well. They may not be available to come to your home every time someone wants to see it. So this is another great option!

Open Houses

You can schedule a date and time to have an open house, where anyone can show up and see the home. Open houses are great because if you are getting a ton of interest, you can have everyone come at once and hopefully it will create some urgency for offers. However, you will probably get a lot more "tire kickers" at an open house, since they may just be in the neighborhood and not as serious. You'll also probably meet some of the neighbors who want to see in your home!

Open houses can be scheduled from within your List2Move account for a small fee. Directional signs can be rented as well, but please check local sign ordinances to see what days and hours they can be displayed.

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