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Commission Strategies

We don't force you into commissions.
Pick the strategy that best aligns with your selling goals!

List2Move does not mandate that For Sale By Owner sellers offer commissions to buyers’ agents. The traditional commission amounts to buyer’s agents is still included in the listing fee that Full Service Home Sellers pay - but it isn’t for Sell by Owners! Our For Sale By Owner sellers can offer any commission that they deem fair. However, many of our FSBO sellers are still unclear about their options. There are many different strategies to consider. Here is some important information that can help you make an informed decision.

Full Commissions

Some Sell by Owners are happy to offer the typical full amount in commissions to agents that bring them buyers. In that circumstance, they are marketing to agents on the REALTOR® MLS where agents can plainly see their offer of compensation. Because their listing is also available to buyers on the local public MLS websites, these For Sale By Owner sellers are also marketing to buyers and may, in fact, come across one who is not working with an agent. In that scenario, no commissions are due. If an agent brings in the buyer, commissions displayed in the REALTOR® MLS are due.

Discounted Commissions

Other For Sale By Owner sellers choose to offer compensation to agents on the REALTOR® MLS but decide upon a commissions number that is less than the traditional 3-3.5% amount. Some choose a percentage amount and others choose a flat fee. This shows a buyer’s agent that you are willing to work with them, but at a lesser price than in a typical transaction. The amount can be modified at anytime simply by logging into your account at List2Move and making changes to the number you have chosen.

No Commissions

There are also FSBO sellers who choose not to work with buyers’ agents. These Sell by Owners offer $1.00 (the minimum since an offer of compensation must display on the REALTOR® MLS) signaling to agents on the REALTOR® MLS that they choose to market solely to buyers on the local MLS websites. If you choose to offer no commission, most likely you will encounter agents who say they have a buyer interested in your property but they will try to negotiate their commission up front. Their commission may even be included in an offer made on your property.

Most FSBO Sellers are open to marketing to agents on the Realtor® MLS and to marketing to buyers on the local MLS websites. And, many Sell by Owners have negotiated very successfully with agents regarding commissions offered and paid. (Some buyers are now paying their own agents for their services.) No professional agent should ever have to work for free and it is between you and the agent to agree upon fair and reasonable compensation. Are agents above blackballing the listings? Not necessarily! Our experience these past years suggests the less professional agents are quite vocal about their disregard for the law. If that is a concern to you, you can offer the full traditional amount to buyers’ agents and rest assured that if an agent has a buyer, they will be more than happy to earn the commission that you are offering!

Your Strategy

Overall, you must choose the commission strategy that you believe in and think will most successfully sell your home. List2Move analyzed over 100 recent properties that it sold, and found that the average buyers’ agent pay-out for the entire group was only 1.28% even though the offer of commission was much higher! That is because while most sellers offered a commission, many buyer came to them without an agent, so they didn't end up paying anything.

The average traditional real estate agent sells less than 5% of their own listings. Compare that to our 41% and you realize our clients have the competitive edge!

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