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Providing Property Details

Once finished with your account registration and email verification, you are ready to provide us with your property details! First you must pick what type of property you want to list from the menu. See below. The property types available vary between cities. If you do not see your property type on the dropdown, please contact us to obtain the correct form.

Once you choose your property type and press the Continue button you will be brought to the first step in the property profile form. You'll notice that the first step contains basic information about your property including the address, city/town, and county. The overall format of each step will be very similar to this.  See below for an example:

On the example above, you'll notice that some of the fields are highlighted in yellow, and have a red asterisk to the left of the field name. These fields are required, so please be sure to make a selection or else it will not let you advance to the next step. Also, you'll notice that some fields have a blue circle with a question mark next to them. These are help icons, and if you hover your mouse over the icon it will provide you with some additional detail about the step.

Next you'll be asked to choose your buyer's agent commissions. This is what you are willing to pay a buyer's agent for bringing you a buyer. See below for an example of this step. In most areas you can pick any commission you'd like, but some require a minimum amount. Learn more about commission strategies here.

The site will continue through the rest of the steps, asking you to provide detailed information about the property that you are listing. Please fill out as much information as you can, and be as accurate as possible.

If you still have questions or are unsure what something means, you can either skip it if it is not required, or just contact us for help!

Next you will need to upload property photos.

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